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It’s a good idea for a child to carry cards that contain vital contact information (including info on an allergy or medical condition like diabetes) to pass out to playmates, playmates’ moms and teachers. This card with it’s pink heart on a black background from Hubbell Creative Group would suit any girl or boy, including an older child. Text is fully customizable, so you can add or change what you like.

Pink Heart Medical Card Business card from Zazzle.com_1248504723041


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These extremely cute play date cards by Koncepts for Kids can also be used as a child’s “business” card, allowing them to share important information with friends, classmates and teachers. And the sheep design is so sweet, I love it!

Kids Counting Sheep Skinny Profile Cards from Zazzle.com_1247899901540

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Love the leaping lizard from Koncepts for Kids! Play date cards (a necessary social accessory for modern kids, or so I’m told) are not only useful for your child to pass out to friends and classmates, but you can also make sure babysitters and teachers have your child’s important information. Not to mention passing out a play date card to other mommies is more handy than scribbling on your hand. 🙂

Kids Leaping Lizard Skinny Profile Cards from Zazzle.com_1246084281679

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This retro rocket designed “skinny” profile card from Koncepts for Kids makes a great play date card, child’s calling card, or even a mommy calling card (if your kid’s a budding astronaut or astronomer! :-)) The small size is child-friendly, easy to carry in a backpack or pencil case.

Retro Rocket Kids Skinny Profile Cards from Zazzle.com_1245392718157

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Yep, here’s another one! This cute play date card from Koncepts for Kids is a trendy slim design (a “skinny card” as they say), and the information is completely customizable. Schedule a play date with other mommies the easy way! You can also use these cards to share your child’s vital information like emergency contact info with baby sitters, day care workers, teachers, etc. And here’s one more idea: order a batch of these cards to hand out to co-workers and friends as a birth announcement with a difference. The text can be personalized as you want.

Playtime Baby Skinny Profile Cards from Zazzle.com_1244963590575

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This is the cutest idea ever! These “business cards” for your child are customizable, and perfect to hand out to other moms to set a play date for your kids without the hassle of scribbling info on a scrap of paper and promptly losing it (it happens, trust me).

Yoga Speak Baby - Play Date Card Business card from Zazzle.com_1244098366496

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