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Lynda’s Lines has some extremely cute designs for babies and young children, and this is one of them. There’s also an “it’s a girl” onesie or infant/toddler t-shirt in pink. Love this to bits!

I'm a Boy - new baby infant onesie T-shirt from Zazzle.com_1250403939404


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I love monkeys! This one with its curly tail is particularly cute. Available as a onesie/creeper or infant/toddler t-shirt (as well as sizes for bigger kids and grown-ups).

Monkeying Around Infants T-Shirt from Zazzle.com_1249975396773

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The design on this onesie/creeper announcing a “baby boy” with nursery blocks is very cute, and you can get a similar design in pink for your baby girl, too. Also available as infant/toddler t-shirt.

Baby Boy T-shirt from Zazzle.com_1248675722019

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What’s cool about these mugs (I’ve shown both designs below, one for a boy, one for a girl) is that you can upload baby’s photograph, and it becomes part of the design. Isn’t that a much more interesting way of advertising new parent status than whipping out a creased wallet photo? I think so, anyway, and the text – Proud New Parent – says it all.

It's a Boy Mug from Zazzle.com_1244883387719
It's a Girl Mug from Zazzle.com_1244883537821

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